Summer Road Trip Fun!

Some of my best childhood memories, are loading up us kids, toys and snacks in the family station wagon and heading out on the great American highways. We knew it would be several long boring hours on the road until Dad stopped at some Hotel, hopefully with a nice swimming pool, that us kids could use to burn off some stored up energy. Then the next day we finally would reach a destination that Dad had picked to share with us. I remember the time we stopped at Mt Rushmore during dense fog, just long enough for Dad to point up to the fog filled sky and say “Its up there some where”…. OK load up, lets go !
Family road trips are a big part of summer, and a big part of road trips is the vehicle you are driving. We feel, that it is important to make sure that your “family truckster” is ready for the task of hauling your loved ones over the hills and through the woods.
At Chumbleys Auto Care, we think of road trip maintenance along the lines of several things. Here is a short inspection list. Lighting, make sure all bulbs are working properly. Wiper blade condition. Tires, including the spare, for tread depth and the age of the tire. Age ? What difference does it make on age of tire? Tires are molded using compound, and glues, that have a life span of 6 years. See related info at Then inspecting all fluids, for level, and condition. Filters, gas, air, and cabin filters, for age and condition. Steering and suspension. Creature comforts, like A/C and cruise control operation. Don’t for get Battery , and electrical system. And much more.
You can see there is a lot to consider before you fill the tank, and turn the key to embark on your summer road trip. If you do not feel comfortable inspecting your vehicle, we at Chumbleys would be glad to help. We offer a “Summer Travel Prep inspection with Oil Change Service”. Call us today, for a appointment.
Happy Motoring

Road Trip


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