Monthly Archives: October 2019

I get it I do!

I get it I do! We all have very busy lives. We have to run here and there to meet commitments and obligations. Then the occasional weekend "Binge-Watch". Having the car serviced is low on the to-do list. So what do we do? Run it through the Big Box lube center while we shop for the weekly groceries. Or hit the quick lube on the way home. The only good thing I can see out of this is that at least you are changing the oil - or at least you did pay for this service to be performed. After all, an oil change is an oil change. You remove the old oil and filter and replace it with new. Pretty simple, why do we need to go to a repair shop to have this done? That is what I am going to tell you. The main difference it this. Most of the time, having a repair shop - such as our shop Chumbley's Auto Care perform the service is the fact that the same guy that repairs the car is the one giving it our inspection looking for issues that we feel you should be aware of. Iss ... read more

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