Electrical Repair

With today's very complex electrical systems, it takes a lot of tools and training. We embrace training. Our staff is required to attend certain hours of continued training each year.
We purchase and use the latest in tools and equipment. With this training and equipment, we can look internally into failed components such as the eclectically failing fuel pump. Or how about the Camshaft timing event testing using a pressure transducer and a lab scope. With this, we can see internally in the motor, without removing a part.
You say that is all great, but why? It saves us time, and then saves you money. It lets us diagnose with more certainty. That is what being a Top Shop is all about. This is why the tool reps, and other shops send customers to Chumbley's.

Some of the service we perform:

  • In addition to the normal electrical repairs of window and wiper motors, door lock actuators, HVAC blend door motors.
  • Rodent wire harness damage repair.
  • Intermittent short diagnosis.
  • Battery Drain
  • Miss-fire, fuel injector issues.
  • Software updates - AKA - reflash modules.
  • Aftermarket installations - Trailer wiring, back up cameras, battery savers, Radios. Sorry - no remote start units at this time.
  • Transmission electrical repair.

Call us and ask.

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