Meet The Team

Tim Davison
ASE Cert Master Tech • L1 Advanced electrical


Chumbley's Auto Care | Tim Davison

Tim and Wife Laura own Chumbleys. Tim is third generation in the service station business, first working for his Father in their Standard Oil Service station at age 13. Tim holds an ASE Master Tech Cert and the L1 Advance Performance Certification. He also is certified by the AMI as a "AAM" ( Accredited Automotive Manager )Tim enjoys his kids Chase and Piper and their two Yorkies Erinie & Glory. Tim's dream car is a 63 Corvette split window - black with red interior.

Jackie Erickson
Office Manager


Chumbley's Auto Care | Jackie Erickson

The Chumbleys Office Manager Jackie helps in many ways. A southern Warren County girl, Jackie calls Lacona her town. She has one son - Casey, and her little "baby" a teacup Yorkie named "Minnnie.” Jackie is a senior employee, as she has been with Chumbleys since 1998. In her off time enjoys camping and boating with her husband Dave. Her dream car is a new Jeep Cherokee Laredo.

Keegan Niccum
Service Manager


Chumbley's Auto Care | Keegan Niccum

Keegan is our Service Manager, he has come a long ways from his first job sweeping floors back in 2008. Along with ASE Certifications he also holds an AAM degree from Automotive Management Institute, and a graduate from Bob Coopers Elite Service program. Keegan his wife Jerrica , daughter Gracelyn live in there home in Lacona. They enjoy riding their horse Jazzy, they keep at the Ridge Top Horse Ranch. Keegan’s dream car is / was… his 1998 Ford Mustang GT.

Josh Truman
ASE Cert Tech

Chumbley's Auto Care | Josh Truman

It has been said that Josh was born with a wrench in his hand and cut his teeth on screwdrivers. He has enough tools to supply the armed forces, but can fix anything with an adjustable wrench, some wire, and pliers. Prior to starting with Chumbleys in 2005, Josh has worked in a race custom fabrication shop, a body shop, and engine machine shop. He brings many skills to our shop. Josh spends his off time with his wife Tanya, and two dogs, Brutus and Jasper. Josh's hobbie is working on his modified circle track cars. Josh won the 2011 Super National "Hard Charger" award - moving from the back to the front of the pack.

Larry McKinney
ASE Cert Tech

Chumbley's Auto Care | Larry McKinney

Larry holds a degree in Automotive science, and is an avid Nascar fan. He has built a Chevy 4x4 truck to run in the Central Iowa area Pick up pulls. He and wife Kris have one daughter and enjoy two dogs a German Shepard – Jake; and an Australian Shepard - Scout. Larry's Dream Car is a 1972 Chevy 3/4 ton 4x4 powered by a big block Chevy.

Evan Wells
ASE Cert Tech

Chumbley's Auto Care | Evan Wells

Evan grew up customizing and fabricating whatever rolls on wheels, but more so to build race cars. Now an ASE cert tech his passion is suspension tricks to lower vintage trucks. Evan is our go to guy for tire information as he holds certifications from several tire manufactures. And just in case.. also a white belt in Tae kwon Do. Kind of a jack of all trades, he helps support the staff with several duties, including quality control inspections. Evan spends time with his lady Mandy and their daughter Katelyn. Evan's dream car is a 1967 Mustang coupe, that he owns and will restore one day.

Troy Strong
ASE Cert Tech

Chumbley's Auto Care | Troy Strong

Growing up in southeastern Iowa, Troy Strong comes to our team after several years with Lexus/Toyota, and GM Ford Dealers. He is a certified Lexus Technician, as well as ASE certifications. Troy spends his off time with his Wife Asia, and son Jack traveling with their Youth Baseball Club that Jack is a star pitcher for. At home they enjoy a new puppy named Tug ( when he is not chewing on things he shouldn't be ) . Troy's dream car is a 1967 Chevy II Nova.



Chumbley's Auto Care | Tim, the owner



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