Auto Repairs, is cheaper better?


In an age where money and budgets are tight, we all want to get the biggest bang for our buck…right? In this post I want to drive home the fact the cheaper is not always better. Also See: government bid process.
A good friend of mine always used to say, ” you can’t beet a man at his own game” . Meaning, if you need drywall done, have a drywall professional do it. It will be done right and you will save time, money and be happy in the end. Some people want the pride in doing the job them selves. That is OK. Do it for that reason.
So you are wondering, where are you going with this post Chum? And here it is. I will tell you a story , changing names of course, to protect those involved. The story is about a family with a old “beater” truck. The kind that dose not get used a lot. But it did let them down, just when it was really needed. It was when one of the kids wanted to move stuff to college. The reason the truck let them down is that it had to be towed in. The reason it was towed in, was due to the fact the negative battery cable was melted in two. I know, I thought the same thing. How did the truck electrical system draw so many amps it melted the cable end? Well it all started when the owner choose to, for what ever reason, have a low budget big box retailer in stall a replacement battery in the truck. Yes, no big deal replacing the battery, right? Well the installer hooked up the battery connections wrong, you know negative to positive, positive to negative. Well this caused a major electrical meltdown. So the retailer offered to have the truck repaired at…drum-roll…. a “low Budget” repair shop, that is know to use used and bottom shelf quality parts,and school drop outs for techs. So now the truck has been repaired, and one of the “new” replacement parts caused the starter motor to stick on and caused a overload on the system that caused the cable to melt and the truck to get towed in, and the kids could not move to college in the old truck. Was the money saved worth while? Not IMHO.
Sorry, just had to vent..


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