A Noise from my wheels

Here at Chumbley’s, we often receive phone calls asking about a noise that appears when the wheels are rolling or stopping. It can range from and grinding, or squeaking noise, to a rhythmic click type noise. I will say that the most common causes are 1) worn out brake parts. 2) lose lug nuts ( Always have them “re-toured” after about 50 mile travel – post wheel installation on the vehicle). 3) Road debris – rocks wedged into places they are not to be. Those are the top three causes we see.
If you hear any type of unfamiliar noise coming from the wheel area, stop in to Chumbley’s Auto Care in Indianola, IA and request that someone simply go for a ride around the block and listen to your noise concern. We will be happy to help, and may save you a lot of headache.

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